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Yekaterinburg. Russia.

Foundationdate - 29.12.2000


  StaffrecruitmentintheUrals, SiberiaandKazakhstan


We specialize in:

- Machinery manufacturing

- Food production

- Construction

- Sales in industry

- Retail



Additional services for clients


Market research and salary overview

Training projects


Basic terms for partnership:

The cost of staff recruitment is 15 – 18% from job candidate’s annual income

Searching period is 3 – 6 weeks

Guarantee period is from 3 to 6 month

Free substitution during guarantee period


Services for job candidates:




We have implemented more than 1680 staff recruitment projects for 620 regional and federal companies.

We have implemented 230 personnel projects for the purpose of assessment, motivation and staff training

We issue 4 regional analytical reference books «Motivation today»

More than 250 top-managers and company owners command the career coaching services

Our company staff:

10 employees

8 qualified consultants make a choice

100 % of consultants have additional recruiting education

Our look like:

Marina Podgayskaya, director. Recruitment of builders, constructers and top managers

Vyacheslav Sychov, department manager, Recruitment of IT and marketing specialists.

Galina Vericheva, Coaching 4 career. Recruitment of talents 4 projects, HR

Anna Machnyova , Recruiting of finance specialists and economists

Olga Lobastova, Recruitment of engineers and middle managers

Ekaterina Nemirovskaya, Recruitment of marketing, logistic and sales specialists

Elena Kaletina, Recruitment of sales specialists

Anastasia Gladysheva, customer service

Tatyana Polyakova, Recruitment of sales specialist and  middle managers


We are always ready for communication and partnership


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